Monday, July 11, 2011

Splashing through the Summer

Week 6: It is hard to believe that we have been in Baton Rouge for 6 weeks. It is proving to be a city with lots to do and the temperature can only be described as HOT! You would think that growing up in Alabama would prepare you for hot weather, but this is unlike anything I have ever experienced! We have found that the only way to beat the heat is in the water or to stay inside! We have done a little of both this week...

What better way to start the week than with a holiday, Ed had a 3 day weekend! Since the 4th of July was Monday, we spent the day relaxing and hanging out in the back yard...pool side.

Between the pool, the sprinkler, and a few wind gusts, Monday was a very relaxing day! We missed our usual 4th of July routine, cooking out with the neighbors in Coventry, but we managed to have a low key holiday!

The kids and I had a slow week - we tried out the library for the first time since we have been here and everyone has a new library card! The kids are so excited that they can check out their own books now! They also signed up for the summer reading program, so we are a little obsessed with reading all of the books in our house again and again! I am very proud of them; they are taking their library cards so seriously! We went to story time, which the kids loved, and we also went to a show they had at the library, Harvey the Rabbit and Friends. We have been counting down the days until we go back to the library!

I know that I have posted pictures from the Forest Park Splash Pad, but since we went again on Friday...I thought I would post some more pictures! After a long day which included getting a new tire for the van, I treated the kids to a day at the park! John Bay actually played in the water this time and made a few new friends.

The weekend proved to be just as hot as the week! We had the Howells over on Saturday night for pizza and playing in the yard and to watch Ed get beat on Wii boxing by Trevor (Scott's son). And to end the week, we tried another new church - which we really enjoyed...Mary Virginia asked if we could go back everyday! We ended the day with another new experience, the water park! Mary Virginia has a new favorite activity...water slides! John Bay was not as happy with the whole water park idea, but he loved the water cannons! We had a great afternoon at the park and the best part is that it is just a few miles from the house and it is a community park! We will be making another trip to the water park!

Ed and John Bay relaxing in the lazy river!

This is the kids slide on the wet playground. (You can't see it in the picture, but there is a huge bucket on top of the playground that dumps gallons of water on everyone about every 5 minutes.)

John Bay and the water cannon...

we spent most of the afternoon shooting people in the pool!

Mary Virginia going down the other slide on the kid's playground. In the background are the two large water slides. Mary Virginia's favorite was the green slide (Ed's was the blue slide).

I wish we could have gotten more pictures at the water park, but we spent so much time in the water that I was scared to keep the camera around...everything there was wet! Between the zero entry pool, the lazy river, the water slides, and the extra large bucket dumping water on us every five minutes - we had a blast!

We were all exhausted and we ended the night with a sleep over!

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  1. Love the water park! Hope to get there before it's too cold to go! Love and miss y'all!