Monday, March 26, 2012

Girl Scout Camp, Ponies and Egg Hunts - Oh My!

Week 43: Another week down in Louisiana! We took tons of pictures this week, so get ready!
This week we were looking forward to Girl Scout Camp and Lucy's birthday party! We kept up with our usual routine throughout the week. Mary Virginia got another wonderful report card! Even if she claims she doesn't like school, she is doing great and learning so much! On Friday, we spent the afternoon at the barn as usual and MV rode Cayenne. We had a special treat, Cayenne's owner came to watch the lesson, so MV got to show off a little!
MV posting/trotting on Cayenne, showing off in front of his momma!
Girl Scout Camp
Saturday was a LONG day! Mary Virginia and I had to get up around 5:00 to make it to camp on time! She was such a trooper! Once we got to camp the girls were all so excited! We met the rest of the troops at the flag pole for the pledge and then it was off to our activities! Our first of the day was a nature hike and leaf rubbing. The trail went up and down a pretty steep hill, I was so relieved that no one fell (especially me)! Our girls led the hike and they didn't complain once! (I heard some of the older girls in the back fussing a little, so I was so proud of our girls!) The girls collected leaves native to the area, like magnolia, sweet gum, oak, and lots more! Once the hike was over, we showed them how to make leaf rubbings and they look great!
After a quick water and snack break, it was off to the next activity...Face painting and a hay ride!
The girls loved the face painting - they all wanted to be painted to look like kitty cats!
The hay ride was ride around the camp. The girls had a chance to look around the camp and see the cabins where they could stay when they got older. They also were able to see all of the activities they could do as they got older - archery, horseback, ropes course, and the canoeing.After our morning activities we had a little down time (3 hours) - we had a picnic lunch and then we took a hike around the camp. The girls played by the lake and in the canoes and then we hiked up to the horses to see if we could catch their attention! We ended up in a field, playing tag!
Then it was off to the campfire to cook smores. The girls loved the smores and all of the roasted marshmallows (They ate so many that I lost count...I am surprised no one got sick)!
After smores, the older girls joined us at the campfire to sing songs and exchange SWAPS. These are pins that each girl makes to exchange with the other girls. You can make as many or as few as you would like and you put your name and troop number on it. The girls usually pin them to a vest after the exchange so that they have something to remember all of the friends they have made at camp!
It was an exhausting but fun day! We can't wait to do it again next year!
John Bay and Ed - Boy Day!
The boys had a special day too! They started their day with a trip to Waffle House - this was going to be John Bay's first time, and what a memory it will be! They took one of the girls from across the street with them, thank goodness. After they placed their order, the griddle caught on fire. As the fire started to spread, Morgan took JB out of the restaurant while Ed waited to see if they needed help putting out the fire. (There was a volunteer fireman having breakfast there.) Once that excitement was over, they enjoyed a yummy breakfast!
It was off to Lucy's birthday party after that! JB had so much fun, he got to be just like his big sister, riding a horse!
He had so much fun riding the pony, petting and feeding the animals, playing and eating cake and ice cream! He was worn out too!
After church on Sunday, we had the Easter Eggstravaganza! We had lunch - hot dogs and jambalaya ( there ever a time when you can't serve jambalaya). The kids played on the bounce while we waited for the egg hunt to begin.
We found lots of eggs...which made everyone very happy!
It was a great week - we are counting down the days until Spring Break - we can't wait to go home to visit all of our friends and family!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

Week 42: I think we are finally getting used to life with Princess Lucy Anna and she is starting to make herself at home! This week she has ventured out of the kitchen (her hiding spot under the kitchen table). She has slowly moved to the back of the house, but her favorite spot is John Bay's bed! This wouldn't be a problem if this wasn't Bandit's favorite spot. We also can't leave Princess alone in a room - she will eat anything she, shoes, socks, plastic bags, you name it!
It has been such a beautiful week (with the exception of Monday) that the kids have been outside all week playing on the swing set and on the NEW trampoline!
Friday was "Biscuits with my Buddy" at MV's school. Of course, her buddy was her daddy! They had a great morning - and Ed brought home the most amazing artwork that MV had done for her buddy.
Then it was off to the barn for our usual Friday routine! I think John Bay is starting to enjoy the barn - at least running and chasing the cats and dog and petting the horses! MV rode Sealy again and did fabulous! Sealy usually has a little attitude, but MV took control and made her behave. It is so much fun to watch her ride!
Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. Being in Louisiana, they celebrate here with a parade and lots of beads! It was far more crowded than the Mardi Gras parades and a whole lot more college kids. We waited and waited, but once the parade started it was so fun. The kids loved all of the beads, candy, footballs, cups, and frisbees! I think our favorite float was the Angola Prison Rodeo - it was pulled by 4 Clydesdales. That is one amazing animal! The kids had never seen a horse that big and couldn't believe it, especially since the day before MV rode a precious (tiny) pony!
After a few floats and lots of bag pipes, the kids were ready to go. They were happy with their stash! This was fine with us, we didn't have to fight traffic since we left early! The rest of the weekend was so relaxing - we stayed outside and enjoyed the extra daylight!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Basketball Awards

Week 41: A fun, hot week in Louisiana! MV's school had their monthly fundraiser and they were able to wear pajamas to school. It was in the upper 70's all week but she wanted to wear her favorite fleece pajama pants and long sleeve shirt!
John Bay wanted in on the pictures - you see that he had to wear long sleeves and pants just like MV!
On Saturday, MV and Ed had their basketball banquet. The kids got trophies for playing such a great season and a few of the moms went in and made pillows with the jersey numbers!
Here is MV with her trophy! (Ed dressed her and fixed her hair)Ed playing Chubby Bunny!
He had to stuff marshmallows in his mouth and try to say "Chubby Bunny"!
I think he only got 5!
John Bay and I went down to Navarre to help out some friends! I took the kids to play on the playground overlooking the bay - I love the view and the kids had a blast!
After a trip to the park, lunch at McDonald's, and a quick trip to the grocery store...we made a sign for Michelle to come home (and tried to get the house cleaned up from all our craziness)!
John Bay and I had so much fun visiting with friends during a quick trip to Florida. I wish we could have stayed longer to help out, I guess we will just have to go back for another visit!
Ed and MV had a fun weekend enjoying some much needed "daddy-daughter" time. They surprised us by putting up the new trampoline! I think we are all looking forward to a low key week next week.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wacky Week with Dr. Seus!

Week 40: What a Wild and Wacky Week! This is the week that the kids celebrate Dr. Seus! Wednesday was "Wacky Wednesday" for Mary Virginia and they were able to "modify" their uniforms! They were allowed to wear clothes backward, inside out, you name it. MV wouldn't change the appearance of her clothes - she was afraid someone would laugh at her. It was all that I could do to get her to wear her hair crazy and to wear funny socks! So, this is our take on wacky!
John Bay wanted in on the pictures!
Thursday, MV had school pictures - it will be nice to have pictures without the uniform!
Friday was "Read Across America" day - MV had green eggs and ham (which she said was gross) and read Dr. Seus. I sent a few snacks like green eggs (made with chocolate and candy) and Dr. Seus hats (oreos and gummy savers)! At horseback, MV rode Baily and she jumped as always! She is doing great! They also worked on waking over poles - I was amazed...she did it perfectly and didn't hit the poles once!
Saturday was our last basketball game! We think we won (they don't keep score in Upward)! The kids had a great time - MV was a little sad that she didn't get more time with the ball so the coach picked her up so she could slam dunk! That brought a smile to her face!