Monday, March 5, 2012

Wacky Week with Dr. Seus!

Week 40: What a Wild and Wacky Week! This is the week that the kids celebrate Dr. Seus! Wednesday was "Wacky Wednesday" for Mary Virginia and they were able to "modify" their uniforms! They were allowed to wear clothes backward, inside out, you name it. MV wouldn't change the appearance of her clothes - she was afraid someone would laugh at her. It was all that I could do to get her to wear her hair crazy and to wear funny socks! So, this is our take on wacky!
John Bay wanted in on the pictures!
Thursday, MV had school pictures - it will be nice to have pictures without the uniform!
Friday was "Read Across America" day - MV had green eggs and ham (which she said was gross) and read Dr. Seus. I sent a few snacks like green eggs (made with chocolate and candy) and Dr. Seus hats (oreos and gummy savers)! At horseback, MV rode Baily and she jumped as always! She is doing great! They also worked on waking over poles - I was amazed...she did it perfectly and didn't hit the poles once!
Saturday was our last basketball game! We think we won (they don't keep score in Upward)! The kids had a great time - MV was a little sad that she didn't get more time with the ball so the coach picked her up so she could slam dunk! That brought a smile to her face!

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