Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swimming and Father's Day!

Week 55:  It was a hot one here in LA!  I broke down and got a pool again this summer - but this time we had a minor "factor" to consider when choosing the pool...
Since she likes to eat all things (this week alone, she ate lots of toys, a library book, and a bean bag chair, and MY piece of steak-a filet), we had to go for the bigger and better approach - the one thing that I swore I would never buy, a metal framed above ground pool - just for the pure pain of it.  Yes, it was a pain to put together and the upkeep is a constant struggle (just not what I expected), but the kids love it and that is what matters the most!
 They are able to swim almost every day, when we aren't having crazy rain storms.  It has already been a lifesaver and a great way to cool off in this crazy heat!  The best part is that Princess hasn't figured out how to eat it yet or how to get in!
The beginning of the week was spent in the pool, as you can tell - we did have rain storms every afternoon.  Thursday the kids and I headed out to church for my bible study and to run a few errands.  We made a "quick" stop at the library, which was more like 1 1/2 hours...and then this is what we came home to.  Now, we had not been in any more than a drizzle the whole morning, but as we got closer to our neighborhood I began to notice the yards on either side of the road looked more like large ponds, and then the water retention ponds at the front of the neighborhood were full...this should have tipped me off that something wasn't right.  Pulling down our street this is what I saw.  This is taken from our driveway - it didn't come up too far into the yard, but this was almost an hour after the storm, which I later found out was quarter sized hail, massive rains, and lots of wind... 
 As we floated into the driveway, I started to think about that wonderful new pool in the backyard.  The kids ran through the house and started to scream - the pool was still standing (just VERY full) and the trampoline was still there, so that was all great news!  We had some minor damage, but nothing that can't be fixed, that must have been some storm!  We quickly drained the pool and got to work putting things back together!

We had another fun day on Friday at the barn.  MV rode Cayenne again and did and excellent job - the horses were just slightly frightened by the massive storms that came through the area so we had to cut the lessons a little short!  Saturday brought a much needed day of rest and prep time for Father's Day!  (We had too much fun getting ready for the big day!)

Happy Father's Day!
Sunday morning we were ready to celebrate!  After a quick lunch, the kids were ready to give Ed his cake...talk about a sugar rush.  Who wouldn't love a cake topped with Kit Kats and Reese Pieces. (The cake was so sweet that we gave most of it away to the neighbors!)

The kids also wanted to make this card that I found.  I think we had the most fun searching for all of the candy at the store! (Another cute idea from Pinterest!)
 After all of the candy...it was time for a swim!  Ed and the kids played in the pool most of the afternoon while I sat by and read my book and waited for photo ops!
Yet another fun-filled week and we can't wait for the rest of the summer!

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