Monday, July 30, 2012

All that baggage

Week 60 -  Wow, can we pack...and now it is time to unpack.  You never realize how much stuff you take on vacation until you have to unpack ALL of it!  It just didn't seem like we took that much when we were heading off two weeks ago.  I guess with two weeks, two kids, two dogs, a trip to the lake, a portrait sitting and art camp, you have to bring so much baggage!
So, as you might have guessed, we tried to have a relaxing week - we spent most of it trying to find everything we packed, wash clothes, and unpack!  Oh, and cleaning the pool - what a mess!  (Apparently the filter shut off and there was tons of rain, which in pool terms is a recipe for disaster!)
We still had a little fun, even with trying to get settled!  The kids had fun playing with the girls across the street and playing outside (in between rain storms).  MV had horseback lessons on Friday morning and she is doing amazing!  Just 2 weeks ago she was so excited that she was moving up to a Level 2 jump and this week, her lessons were going so well that she moved up to a Level 3!  She rode Bailey again and she just loves her!

 After a quiet weekend, Ed had to head back to Birmingham for a meeting, so we played even more!  We made jolly rancher suckers...
 and pizza (and watched movies)!

As the summer is starting to wrap up, we are trying to get in a few more fun out for next week!

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