Monday, September 17, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Week 65:  We are back full force!  John Bay had his first day of preschool on Monday.  He loves school and his teacher, Ms. Kim!  He was a little worried about going over to the "big kid" side of the school and begged for me to walk him inside.  As we walked through the door, he yelled "bye" and took off running for his classroom.  He looks forward to going to school everyday which is such a relief for me.  It was nice for me to have a little time to myself to get the grocery shopping done along with a few other errands before I had to go to work the next day.
Tuesday brought my first day of work.  I love our frog room and the kids are precious.  We had a few criers and hopefully that will end very soon!  I am just glad to be back working, I was starting to get a little lonely!
 Then on to the weekend...Mary Virginia didn't have horseback riding this week, her instructor was sick.  We had a relaxing Friday and then we celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday.  We decided to let the kids choose our activities for the day.  They chose bowling and dinner out with friends.  We headed to the bowling alley for a little cosmic bowling - the kids did great, the parents were not so great.  The kids amaze me with everything they do.  It was MV's second attempt and JB's first to bowl and they were great.  I know that they use the bumpers, but they really did not even need them.
While they were waiting to bowl, there was a lot of goofing around!
 After a fun afternoon of bowling and video games, we met some friends at The Chimes for dinner and some Saints football.  Dinner out with our wonderful kids and some amazing friends is just what we needed for a perfect celebration!  

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