Monday, February 6, 2012

Monster Trucks!

Week 35: Another wild and crazy week in the Whatley house! We had another fun week of basketball, girl scouts, bike riding, playing with friends, horseback and lots more surprises! Mary Virginia's class is getting ready for 100th day activities.

Basketball practice was fun as always for the kids and for Ed and then there was Girl Scouts on Tuesday. The girls were so excited to make t-shirts to wear to Camp! The shirts turned out so cute - they put all of their hand prints into a daisy.

It was back to our regular weekend routine - except without Ed this weekend. He went on a men's retreat with our church. I am so glad that he is getting to know this group and he had a great time of fellowship! I took the kids out to the barn for riding lessons on Friday and once again, Mary Virginia did a great job riding Baily and there was lots of trotting! Saturday, we had another basketball game and these kids were great! MV had fun blocking and cheering on her team. She really frustrated the little girl on the other team - she couldn't understand why MV was all over her! The other coach had to explain to her that is how you play!

Ed got home Saturday afternoon and took MV to New Orleans for a night of fun and Monster Trucks! They had beignets and hot chocolate at Cafe du Monde and then to the truck show at the Super Dome with friends. It sounds like MV fit in with all the boys!They had a fun trip - and a very late night, but MV can't stop talking about the trucks. She loved it, especially the dinosaur truck that crushed trucks and spit fire! Sunday was back to playing outside, riding bikes and shooting hoops!

(Sorry about the lack of JB pictures - I will do better in the weeks to follow!)

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