Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Visit from Mimi and Balba

Week 34: I am behind yet again on updating the blog! This was the week of MLK weekend. We took Monday off from school and had a relaxing morning - a visit to the doctor and then lunch with daddy! We were so close to Ed's office that he surprised the kids and met us for lunch at Raising Canes. Yum! We were all so excited! Then it was off to basketball practice...MV is loving basketball, especially having her daddy as a coach!
I tried upload an amazing video of MV riding the pony, Celey at the barn, but of course I couldn't do it...but I will email it to anyone that wants to see! She did so great riding! Ed took her to her lesson and she was really showing off for her daddy! She trotted a few laps around the arena and then walked a lap and then repeated! She loved riding that pony. While they were at riding lessons, I took the night off and went to a painting party with some ladies from our church. Here is a picture of my masterpiece!What a great time I had painting! It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again.
Mimi and Balba came over for a visit. We were so excited to see them on Friday night. MV had her first basketball game on Saturday morning - bright and early.

She loves playing basketball. She is the only girl on her team, but that hasn't slowed her down. She celebrates with her team and is a great cheerleader!
She is also amazing at blocking. When I asked her who taught her, she said no one, that is just what she thought she needed to do. The poor other little girl couldn't even get the ball when MV was blocking! (I am such a proud mom.)

JB took it easy during the game. He wasn't as interested!
After a fun morning of basketball and selling girl scout cookies, we took Mimi and Balba out for lunch and then to see Mike the Tiger.
Mike was doing the same as always, sleeping in the shade! He is such as amazing creature and so much fun to see!

Mike wouldn't get up and move around for us, so the kids decided to ride the Mike statue with Balba! We took a quick tour through the LSU campus and then made a stop for ice cream!

What a fun treat!

Sunday we hated to say good-bye to Mimi and Balba. After they left, we spent the afternoon riding bikes around the neighborhood and selling more cookies! We are on the way to making the goal of 250 cookies!

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