Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Week 75:  This was a fun week for us!  We celebrated John Bay's birthday over the weekend with Gigi and Jaja, the kids found out about our trip to Disney World, and we were looking forward to all kinds of Halloween fun! On Sunday night, we had Trunk or Treat with our church.  The kids love going and playing out at the church property with our friends!  It is also a safe alternative to trick or treat!

Mary Virginia's school had DARE week to go along with the Halloween celebration.  They were creative in the dress up options - as much as you can be when you wear school uniforms! There was red day, hat day, jeans day, school spirit day, and of course "Say Boo to drugs day".  For MV's birthday, I was able to take the day off of work and have lunch with her.  I love to watch her with her school friends!  All of the kids wanted to tell me about their day and which costume they were wearing.  After lunch the kids made a circle around MV and sang "Happy Birthday", she acted embarrassed, but I know she loved it!

(Hat Day)

Then it was time for trick or treat!  They were not happy only having candy from Trunk or Treat...we had to make another round!  (We had the neighbors with us, so that made it much more fun!)

On Friday, we kept up with our same old routine...we headed back to the barn.  MV is still doing great and JB loves to play in the dirt!

After an exhausting week, we were looking forward to the weekend!  Mimi and Balba were coming to visit to celebrate birthdays!

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