Thursday, January 3, 2013

Veteran's Day Program

Week 76:  What a fun weekend!  Mimi and Balba came to visit and to celebrate all of the birthdays!  Ed and Balba were able to go to the LSU/Alabama game.  I think they were exhausted from all of the fun and the walking!  (Balba was very happy about the game!)
We had Parent/Teacher Conferences this week for Mary Virginia's school.  I am always proud of both kids, but I also love to get feedback from their teachers!  MV is doing wonderful, just as I thought!  She loves school and loves her teacher!
On Friday, MV's school had a Veteran's Day Celebration and lunch.  Ed was able to go to school with MV for a picnic lunch and then watch a program to honor our Veteran's.  Of course, we forgot to take pictures!
John Bay's school has been celebrating community helpers.  Although he loved the firemen, he has not stopped talking about riding the police motorcycle!

It was another fun week of school, activities and horseback riding!

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