Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is in the Air

This week we welcomed in the fall season with open arms. Mary Virginia is learning about the seasons and what comes with each season....she knows that her birthday is in the fall and let me tell you how excited she is! We did all of the usual this week: painting burlap, school, playing outside, and playing with the kids in the neighborhood! This weekend we ventured out to The Rural Life Museum Harvest Days. This is a venue that shows life in the nineteenth century rural Louisiana sponsored by LSU...there were living history demonstrations to show life on the farms and plantations during the harvest season.
This was a hands on learning day. The kids were able to take dried corn and scrape it off the cob and then run it through a mill to make grist.

MV was playing with one of the toys that the children used to play with. It was a large round wooden hoop that you hit with a stick and make it roll. She was amazing! She caught on immediately and was running up and down the yard with the hoop - John Bay didn't have as much luck, but he did have fun hitting the hoop with the stick! As we walked through all of the exhibits, we saw a blacksmith, someone making cracklins, candle makers, but our favorite to watch was the horses and the plow! It is no surprise that anything we love has to do with horses!

We kept walking trough the exhibits and we came to the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch! In the middle of the corn maze was a hay mountain! The kids and Ed had fun climbing the mountain, but the most fun was sliding down the hay bales!

What a wonderful weekend - a chance to experience life in Louisiana and welcome in the fall!

The kids in the middle of the corn fields!

We are going to run and play! See you next week with another fun fall activity!

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